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Shop Houzz Style Guide


Shop Houzz Style Guide

Brand guidelines + Graphic design


The Houzz Marketplace is the e-commerce destination within Houzz (think everything from accent chairs to bathroom vanities to kitchen faucets). Several times a week, different category sales are promoted with a dedicated email send. In order to best represent the brand within these emails, the team needed a clear but flexible guideline that could communicate a consistent point of view and variety at the same time.



Before the guide was implemented, designing email graphics was the Wild West. Each sale’s look and feel was determined by an individual designer’s taste, which led to significant disparities in how typography, imagery and hierarchy was treated. It was also an extremely time-consuming for each designer to reinvent the wheel each time a new sale came around.



Introducing the style guide accomplished two key goals: creating a cohesive look and feel for the Houzz Marketplace, and significantly reducing the time needed to create sale graphics. The more upscale and refined look more closely aligned to Houzz’s brand positioning as a design authority, and the standardized layouts allowed the team to design much more efficiently.

Graphics created with the style guide

Graphics created with the style guide

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